headache man
Headaches can be caused by a wide range of problems, but many people find that certain visual activities can trigger or worsen headaches.  Many times, these headaches can be relieved with glasses or contact lenses. Sometimes vision training exercises are necessary to reduce vision-related headaches.  It is also important to rule out more serious health problems that could be causing your symptoms. If you or a family member are frequently experiencing vision or eye-related headaches, it may be time to visit your optometrist.  They can check to see if one of the common conditions listed below are the causes for your headaches.  

cataract surgery
Cataracts are one the most common causes of decreased vision.  They occur when the normally clear lens that rests behind the iris, or the colored part of the eye, becomes cloudy with age.  The clouding of this lens is a normal process that occurs with age, and may occur at different rates in different people. Luckily, when cataracts become significant enough to begin affecting vision or activities of daily life, there is a very effective treatment option.  Cataract extraction surgery is one of the most common and routine medical procedures performed in America and can provide significant and nearly immediate visual improvement. If cataracts are affecting your vision or daily life, read on to learn about the option of cataract surgery.
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