treating dry eye disease
The symptoms of dry eye disease typically include irritation, redness, burning, grittiness, watering, or itching.  These symptoms can be burdensome, and many people find that dry eye disease negatively impacts their daily life. Treatment for dry eyes is usually a long-term approach that focuses on adequately and efficiently reducing symptoms and reducing the burden of ocular irritation.  If you suffer from dry eye disease, your optometrist will have the best recommendation regarding what treatment options are best for you. Below are some of the common treatment approaches for this disease.  
dry eye disease tear film
Dry eye disease is a complicated disease process which can cause symptoms such as irritation and burning, in addition to visual disturbances like blurred vision.  Millions of people are affected by dry eye syndrome, but they may not know the cause of their symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with dry eyes, or suffer from ocular irritation and blurred vision, read on to learn more about what could be causing your problems.

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