daily disposable specialty contact contact lenses
For the many of Americans that choose contact lenses as their form of visual correction, daily disposable lenses may be an appealing option.  In fact, millions of people have chosen these lenses because of the health benefits, convenience, and comfort they provide. Patients and eye care providers alike can agree that these lenses are a great option.  To learn more about these lenses and the benefits they provide, continue reading.  

pink eye, corneal injection corneal abrasions
Accidents happen.  Even if we are extremely careful and take all the necessary precautions, injuries can still occur; eye injuries are no exception.  From metallic foreign bodies to chemical burns, the front of the eye is particular susceptible to damage during unexpected injuries.  One of the most common forms of injuries to the front of the eye is a scratch to the outermost surface, known as a corneal abrasion. When a corneal abrasion occurs, the epithelium, or the thin protective layer of the cornea, is broken, causing many uncomfortable symptoms.  Luckily, simple corneal abrasions are usually quick and uncomplicated in their resolution. Read on to learn about how to deal with a scratched ocular surface.
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