Many people who use computers or digital screens for an extended period of time experience a range of eye problems, commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome. The typical symptoms include blurred vision, eye strain, dry eye  and headaches.  The severity of the symptoms is usually dependent on the length of time that you use the digital screen (ie: computer, tablet, iphone, etc).  Don’t fret! Computer vision syndrome can be solved with some simple tricks when you’re using your devices.


computer vision syndrome



When you use a computer or other digital screen for a prolonged time period, you tend to blink a lot less.  It’s something that eye doctors refer to as a “blink-rate”.  In fact, people tend to only blink about one-third as often when working on the computer.  Less blinking causes the eyes to become dry and irritated.  If your eyes continue to feel dry and irritated, ask your eye doctor about using lubricating drops to reduce symptoms.



If you’re often experiencing dry eye symptoms while on the computer, visit your optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam.  Your eye doctor can prescribe a pair of glasses specifically for computer use.  Your optometrist can can also make suggestions for an appropriate working distances from your digital screens based on your power in your glasses or contact lens prescription.  Your optometrist is also a  great resource to determine which brand of lubricating drops or artificial tears are best for your eyes.

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