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A Non-Surgical Way to Correct your Vision! Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is now a viable alternative for many nearsighted or astigmatism patients. 

Many people who use computers or digital screens experience a range of symptoms such as blurred vision, eye strain, dry eye  and headaches. 

dry eye eye drops

Our optometrists will perform a thorough medical history and eye exam to evaluate you for dry eye and offer treatments to improve your vision and comfort.

vision therapy

Vision therapy can correct certain vision problems that cannot be treated successfully with eyeglasses or contacts alone.   

infantsee program innovative vision care

Innovative Vision Care proudly partners with the InfantSEE program to provide complimentary infant eye assessments up to 12 months old.

yearly eye exams NCT

Our optometrists examine the overall health of the eye and will discuss all of the findings and any necessary treatment options with you.

scleral contact lenses insertion

Our optometrists work with you to determine which contact lenses material, brand, and design is best for your eye and your lifestyle.

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