Insurance and Payments 

At Innovative Vision Care, our goal is to promote good eye health and enable you to have the clearest vision possible. We accept several types of vision insurance, cash, checks, and most credit cards. We inform our patients about exam and treatment costs at the beginning of your appointment. If you require a breakdown of costs, please let us know. 

The eye care profession is unique and different from almost any other health profession, in that we utilize two different types of coverage; vision care plans and health insurance plans. They are actually two completely different types of coverage and each covers vastly different types of eye exams, procedures and products.  

To help you understand, here is a brief explanation. During your visit, if the doctor determines that your visit is for a health-related reason, presenting problem, symptom, or complaint, the care that is provided is considered medical in nature and will be appropriately billed to your health insurance, and additional copays or deductibles may apply. If the doctor determines that you have entered the office for a non-medical reason, without a medical problem, symptom, or complaint, the care is considered non-medical and is accordingly billed to your vision insurance plan and additional copays or deductibles may apply. Plus, if at any time you would need emergency eye care, we like to have that information already on file, as that is usually the last thing that you’ll want to deal with during an emergency visit.  Most importantly, know that your eye health is our number one priority, and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. 


Vision Insurance

The knowledgeable staff at Innovative Vision Care is experienced in working with vision care plans. We will work directly with you and your vision insurance to submit claims regarding your vision care. We strive to ensure that you understand your vision coverage and will answer any questions you may have regarding your benefits. Many current vision plans are designed to cover a portion of the basic vision-related costs, but not all costs associated with eye care. Most plans often require a co-payment for an office appointment as well as additional costs that are covered by the patient. 

Contact our office at 816.331.9590 to find out if your insurance provider is accepted in our office or for more information about your vision coverage. 


Flexible Spending Accounts  

Many employers are offering Flexible Spending Account (FSA) options to employees. Sometimes these are referred to as cafeteria plans and are elective, supplemental insurance savings plans. These plans are designed to let you save money in an account, pre-tax, to pay for additional medical expenses such as eye exams, glasses, contacts, and often laser vision surgery. Check with the benefits administrator at your work to see if you are eligible for this program. FSAs can typically be used in conjunction with any vision insurance plan to offset any out-of-pocket costs on your behalf. 


Other Payment Options  

Our optometry staff understands that cost is a concern when evaluating vision care providers. We do not want cost to be an obstacle to maintaining proper eye health and good vision. We accept various forms of payment and are able to discuss financing options with you prior to any examination. At Innovative Vision Care, we also accept cash, check, and major credit cards. Call 816.331.9590 to schedule your eye exam today. 

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COVID-19 Update

To Our Valued Patients:

We are excited to announce that we have re-opened for routine eye care. To make an appointment click here:

We are spacing out appointments during this time and modifying some of our procedures (visit for full details).

In addition to social distancing within the office, we will check temperatures before entering the building and require mask wear while in the office, in accordance with CDC and MO Department of Health regulations.

Continue to stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to providing eye care for new and existing patients again.

The Innovative Vision Care team