daily disposable specialty contact contact lenses

For the many of Americans that choose contact lenses as their form of visual correction, daily disposable lenses may be an appealing option.  In fact, millions of people have chosen these lenses because of the health benefits, convenience, and comfort they provide. Patients and eye care providers alike can agree that these lenses are a great option.  To learn more about these lenses and the benefits they provide, continue reading.  

What are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

The term “daily disposable” is given to single-use contact lenses that are designed to be disposed after a day of wear.  Each morning, a fresh pair of daily disposable lenses is put in, and that night the lenses are removed and disposed of. The one-day wear schedule of daily disposable lenses has many benefits.  For starters, they are acknowledged as a very healthy option for contact lens wearers. By disposing of the lenses every night, there is no bacteria or protein build-up on the lenses, meaning there is a significantly lower risk of bacterial infection or contact-lens-related irritation.  Additionally, these lenses do not require the nightly cleaning and storage that other monthly or two-week lenses need; there is a smaller change of contamination by a contact lens case or poor cleaning routine. By promoting the daily removal of contact lenses, these daily disposable lenses are an excellent option regarding the health of the eye.

The benefits of daily disposable lenses go beyond their benefits for the health of the eye – they are also a very convenient option.  Eliminating the nightly step of cleaning and storing lenses is very handy for those with busy on-the-go lifestyles. Daily disposable lenses are considered a low maintenance option that is excellent for teenagers and adults alike.  For first time contact lens wearers, the easy routine of disposing of lenses after wear can be very helpful. They are also an efficient option for those who like to alternate between wearing glasses and contact lenses; in these cases, it prevents the contact lenses from sitting in the contact lens case for extended periods of time without being worn. 

Daily Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes

If you have experienced dry eyes when you are wearing your monthly or two week lenses, daily disposable contacts may be an option to improve comfort and reduce associate symptoms of irritation and dryness.  With daily disposable lenses, there is no opportunity for proteins and lipids to deposit onto the lens and cause surface irritation, improving comfort for many who have dry eyes. And for those who have sensitivities to certain contact lens cleaning solutions, daily disposable lenses are a simple answer that can improve comfort. 

Are There Downsides?

On average, a supply of daily disposable lenses is typically more expensive than a supply of monthly or bi-weekly contact lenses.  However, there are now more affordable options of daily lenses. It is also important to remember that eliminating the need for contact lens solution saves money throughout the year.  Vision insurance typically provides an allowance towards a supply of lenses that helps to make daily disposable lenses more affordable, and contact lens manufacturers usually offer a rebate as further incentive to give daily disposable lenses a try. 


Our eye doctors and optometrists in Belton, Missouri specialize in the prescription of daily disposable contact lenses. Call our optometrists at 816.331.9590 or request an appointment online if you are interested in trying daily contact lenses.  Our eye doctors provide the highest quality optometry services in the Belton, MO 64012 area.

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