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Laser eye surgery is a common method of vision correction. Many people seek it in order to free themselves of glasses or contacts. However, depending on one’s prescription, eligibility, choice of surgical procedure and outcome can vary and it is important to keep expectations as realistic as possible. In certain cases, if you are only slightly nearsighted, it may actually be desirable to keep this prescription so that you are less dependent on reading glasses later in life. Explained below are three very common refractive procedures. It is worth mentioning that there are other less common methods that your eye doctor can discuss with you if you have specific needs or concerns. 

cataract surgery
Cataracts are one the most common causes of decreased vision.  They occur when the normally clear lens that rests behind the iris, or the colored part of the eye, becomes cloudy with age.  The clouding of this lens is a normal process that occurs with age, and may occur at different rates in different people. Luckily, when cataracts become significant enough to begin affecting vision or activities of daily life, there is a very effective treatment option.  Cataract extraction surgery is one of the most common and routine medical procedures performed in America and can provide significant and nearly immediate visual improvement. If cataracts are affecting your vision or daily life, read on to learn about the option of cataract surgery.
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