eyelids and eyelashes
Our eyelids and eyelashes play a major role in the overall health of our eyes.  They protect our ocular surface from foreign objects and debris, secrete an essential part of our tears, and help evenly distribute our tears across the front our eyes.  When our eyelids and eyelashes are not properly cared for, several forms of complications can arise, including painful bumps, severe dryness and irritation, and even dangerous infections.  Here’s why healthy eyelids and eyelashes are important for good ocular health. 

eyelid twitching myokymia
Nearly everyone has experienced a twitching eyelid at some point in their lives.  An eyelid twitch can be an annoying experience, but luckily it is almost always a harmless occurrence and is rarely noticeable to anyone else.  Eyelid twitching, known medically as myokomia, is a spasm of the eyelid muscles and may have several different causes and triggers. Identifying and understanding the cause of your twitching eyelid can help prevent this annoying experience from reoccurring.  Continue reading to learn more about common underlying causes of myokomia and how to avoid future instances of eyelid twitching.
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