no-line bifocals progressive lenses sitting on reflection

Presbyopia, a condition that causes blurry near vision in middle and old age, can be a frustrating, or even embarrassing, process to adapt to.  However, it is a process that millions of people have gone through, and many options exist to make reading easier. Reading glasses can be an easy, cost-effective option, but it can be frustrating to frequently be putting on and taking off glasses.  Lined bifocals are an option that can be worn all the time, but many people find the line distracting or cosmetically annoying. Fortunately, an option exists that allows clear vision at many distances that can be worn fulltime. Progressive lenses, also called no-line bifocals, can discreetly correct for distance vision, intermediate vision, and near vision without a cosmetically distracting line.  If you have experienced presbyopia and are looking for an efficient option, continue reading to learn more about progressive lenses.


no-line bifocals progressive lenses sitting on reflection

How Progressive Lenses Work

The lenses in a no-line bifocal are specially produced to contain a power gradient, meaning there are three prescriptions housed within one lens.  At the top of the lens, there is a power that corrects for distance vision. The middle of the lens contains a prescription for intermediate distances, such as the computer or the dashboard.  Finally, the bottom of the lens is where the reading prescription is located. In order to fit all three prescriptions seamlessly in one lens, the optical laboratory has to create some mild distortions in the sides of the lenses; these distortions are not noticeable to other people, but if your eyes move to the periphery of your glasses, you may notice that objects are not as clear. 

Why Should You Consider No-Line Bifocals?

There are many benefits of progressive lenses that go well beyond the cosmetic appearance; while the lack of a distracting line may be an appealing reason to try these lenses, there are many more reasons why they are an immensely popular corrective option.  Progressive lenses offer clear vision at a wider range of vision than lined bifocal glasses or reading glasses; the versatility of working distances available in a progressive lens means you are far less limited in your glasses. Additionally, because there is no line separating the distance from the near prescription, there is no disorienting jump when switching viewing distance.  Many people feel as though progressive lenses most closely mimic natural vision.

Adjusting to Progressives Lenses

Just like any new pair of glasses, progressive lenses can take a short amount of time to adapt to.  The most common difficulty people experience when trying no-lined bifocals for the first time involved the peripheral distortions caused by looking out of the side of the lens.  When trying progressive lenses for the first time, give yourself a few weeks to adapt to getting used to a new lens design and only looking through the center portion of the lens.  For your safety, it is particularly important to use caution when going up and down stairs during your first few weeks wearing progressive lenses, as your depth perception may be slightly affected until you are well adjusted.  


Our eye doctors at Innovative Vision Care in Belton, Missouri excel in the prescription of glasses for your visual needs.  If you are are interested in trying no-line bifocals or progressive lenses, call us at 816.331.9590 or request an appointment online today.

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